IDEAS For Us | January 12, 2016

Fleet Farming Oakland Hosts Renown Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

On the evening of Monday, January 11th, 2016, Fleet Farming Oakland and Bottoms Up Community Garden teamed up with the 7th St. Cafe in West Oakland to host author and urban farmer, Curtis Stone. The night consisted of a fast-paced presentation on his strategies to grow food commercially in urban settings – an important solution needed to reduce co2 emissions associated with food production and transportation. Whether it be leased, donated, or free land in the city, his methodologies have proved to be successful in creating a profitable business 1

Key highlights include the following principles he follows:

  1. Grow high-rotation crops
  2. Grow crops that can thrive in multiple seasons
  3. Grow high-value crops
  4. Focus on high lb/sq ft output
  5. Grow food that’s in popular demand

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area who would like to learn more, we will be hosting Curtis this Saturday, January 16th at Liberty Hall from 9am – 5pm for an intensive $99 workshop. Please see the flyer below for more details:

January Tour Flyer - OAKLAND WORKSHOP (2)