IDEAS For Us | December 11, 2015

Fleet Farming Oakland Featured on CBS San Francisco Bay Area

It’s been just over two months since Fleet Farming has expanded from Orlando, Florida, across the U.S. to West Oakland, California. Thanks to our partnership with a prolific community garden known as Bottoms Up Community Garden, we’ve been able to leverage the existing community relationships to build out our first Farmlette. As of today, we’re approaching our 50th bag of fleet greens that has been sold in the community; fresh organically grown greens straight outta the food desert of West Oakland!

And while most folks in the neighborhood were recovering from their Thanksgiving food coma’s, the Fleet Farming Oakland crew was giving CBS San Francisco Bay Area reporter Mike Sugerman an opportunity to experience Fleet Farming for himself. In his well-known “About the Bay” series, Mike covered the unique approach that our own community is taking in order to grow foods and not lawns.

Fleet Farming Oakland

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As you may have seen in the past, adapting the Fleet Farming model to our community here in West Oakland has proven to be challenging. Yet with the complexity of our environment, we’ve been able to creatively come of with local solutions to a global problem of food security. If you’re keen to expand this program to  your community, I recommend you look into purchasing the Fleet Toolkit, it’s been a crucial support structure for our newly established program! Big thanks to CBS San Francisco Bay Area for featuring Fleet Farming Oakland!