IDEAS For Us | May 18, 2015

Fleet Farming Launches Initiative to “Re-CYCLE Fruit”


Fleet Farming is proud to present: Fleet Fruits. As Floridians, we are bound to see some ripe oranges just dangling temptingly from a tree while driving just a few blocks in a residential area. You may have this problem yourself, or you could be watching your neighbors’ grapefruit tree drop its fruit to the ground, where they are left to rot.


It isn’t just in our local neighborhoods where food goes to waste. Food waste is startlingly common, with 40% of food in America being wasted, with only 10% of that food being recovered. The NRDC has concluded that “reducing food losses by just 15 percent would be enough food to feed more than 25 million Americans every year.” One of the barriers to successfully recovering the wasted food is a lack of funds needed to glean, collect, package and distribute the fruit.


Since Fleet Farming is all about growing and distributing healthy, local foods, we’ve decided to expand our horizons to include gleaning and distributing healthy, local foods, rather than letting it go to waste. While making sure less food is wasted, we will also be ensuring that more people have access to fresh produce; something that 23.5 million people cannot access within a mile of their home.


If you decide you want to donate fruit from your trees, visit Fleet Farming’s sign up form, where you can list the details about the type and size of your tree. We will follow up to see when it fruits, and then we will come and harvest it. After harvesting, the fruits will be sold at Market. Plus, you’ll receive a tax deductible receipt for donating the fruit, and you’ll also be left knowing that the fruit your tree produced wasn’t left to rot on the ground or eaten by pesky rodents, but was rather consumed by happy, and healthy locals. It’s a win win win!

Click here to DONATE YOUR TREE