IDEAS For Us | October 17, 2016

Fleet Farming is Featured on NBC Nightly News!

This past weekend, NBC Nightly News, one of the most-watched evening newscasts in America, featured a piece on Fleet Farming’s Orlando Branch! Check it out below:

With the average plate of food in the U.S. traveling up to 1,800 miles[1], the global industrial food system contributes to ~30% of global warming with related GHG emissions [2]. We are committed to transforming this system into one that is more equitable for people, planet and our local economies. That’s why we’re addressing the 40 million acres of underutilized lawns in the U.S.[3]

If you’re interested in starting a Fleet Farming Branch or donating your lawn, please fill out this Google Form.

*Fleet Farming is one of many solutions that have been developed, funded and scaled by IDEAS For Us

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