IDEAS For Us | October 9, 2015

First Model Of United Nation Togo

mun delegues

The year 2015 represents a pivotal year in the history of humanity where three major bargaining will take place and determine the future of the planet; these are the negotiations on the reduction of risks and disasters, the OSD (Objective Sustainable Development) and climate change. To allow young leaders to be sufficiently equipped on the negotiations in court and relaying information at local level, it is organized the 25-26 September 2015 at the Goethe Institute, a model United Nations Togo by the Action 2015 (a movement of more the 20 organizations including IDEAS for Togo) in partnership with WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations).

mun salleThis simulation of the UN General Assembly brought together about twenty people including 14 delegates of 19 countries (South Africa, Brazil, France, Ghana Holland, India, Libya, Luxemburg, Nigeria, Russia, Senegal, Switzerland, Chad, the USA). This report provides information on the progress of the United Nations General Assembly particular the opening ceremony, committee work, debates and resolutions achieved. Conduct of the General Meeting Before the opening ceremony, the President of the General Assembly in his opening words to welcome the participants and briefly introduced the context of the General Assembly. Opening Four speeches marked the official opening of the GA: the first is delivered by the President of the organizing committee, Mr Mensa TSEDZE who welcomed everyone, the second, Mr Esso PEDESSI, the coordinator of the Action coalition in 2015, made the presentation coalition and demonstrated the validity of the UN Model in Togo. Soon after, Mr FOLLY Gbegnon Rolland, the representative of WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations), congratulated the organizers and emphasized the importance of United Nations models. Speaking, the director of Goethe Institute also thank the organizer for the choice focused on the center and officially declared open the deliberations of the general meeting of MUN-Togo.

After opening the GA MUN-TOGO and removal of officials, it was carried out the family photo-taking.
After check-in, delegates from Brazil and France presented their paper positions. This has opened the debate where the delegates raised their concerns.

After the coffee break, each delegate presented the position of his country in relation to the themes: energy and climate change.

The delegate of France has read the draft resolution brought by France, Holland, India and Chad. Reading this project has provoked a lively debate during which delegates made proposals and amendments.

mun togoA commission composed of Switzerland, South Africa, India, Libya, Nigeria, Luxembourg and Senegal has been set up to work on the position of different countries attending this GA. The work of the first day ended at 16h 30.
The second day of the first edition of MUN in Togo began at 10am. it was followed by reporting the activities of the first day. Note that the second day saw the participation observers from the French cooperation, MUN- UL and WFUNA. The draft resolution as amended was voted yesterday to 11 lanes against 3. After the coffee break, at 11h 06 min the delegate of South Africa on behalf of the commission responsible for working on the position of different countries , re-read the draft resolution taking into account all the interested party. The delegate of France after reading the project to offer instead of “under-developed countries”, the “countries to develop”
The delegate of Senegal presented the current immigration draft resolution supported by Switzerland, Libya, Senegal, Nigeria and the USA.

Mun mensaThe President opened the debate involving Brazil, France, Chad, Senegal, Nigeria, Holland and Russia.
Upon returning from lunch break the delegate of Nigeria reread the refined version of the draft resolution on immigration. Under ovations he joined his place.

Brazil in collaboration with South Africa have recommended 8 key points in the proposed solution to the current immigration challenges. The final draft resolution was voted unanimously with applause demonstrating the satisfaction of all parties.

The Chairman closed the session at 15h 10min thanking all delegates and wished them the best. After the speech by the president to end the floor to the UN SG for the closing of the AGM and it is in a convivial atmosphere that delegates held by the hand trying to imagine themselves in the skin of delegate to the United Nations.

Note that the end was marked by a rich cultural evening musical variety for each

– William Mensa Tsedze
IDEAS For Togo