IDEAS For Us | June 28, 2011

Fireworks 4 Energy


This summer the community of Altamonte Springs, Florida, will be stronger because they willingly chose to come together to support each other, children, education, local merchants and a future powered by clean energy. Children will be more prepared for their education and future. Fireworks 4 Energy will serve as a model for other communities to replicate because it incorporates eight core community components, which together can stimulate long-term systemic change.

On July 3rd, ‘IDEAS For UCF’ will be helping to provide a solution to single-use Plastic Bags by creating T-shirt tote bags called “T-totes” at Red, Hot and Boom, the annual Independence Day celebration in Uptown Altamonte!!¬†

The 11-day fundraiser will raise money for backpacks for students in Seminole County Public Schools and the City of Altamotne Springs.

Join us in Altamonte Springs for this incredible opportunity to help create a community-based sustainability initiative for the future generations!