IDEAS For Us | March 21, 2016

Earth Hour 2016: IDEAS For Togo Takes The Challenge


The Earth Hour, and yes, time to honor Mother Earth offers life, abundance, life, diversity and beauty to us. therefore spent an hour on the Earth, are the reasons that lack them. Lome to Lima from Dakar to Dubai, men, women, youth and children have devoted their time to reflect, to pray and pay deserved tribute to Mother Earth.

rsz_sam_3047Sos the aegis of the local branch 5 Lome (Lomé BL5) organization Young Volunteers for the Environment, a tribute was paid to the Earth this 19th March 2016 in Lome. The event, which began at 18h and under the carbon sobriety and fossil fuels, most of the participants from forty youth organizations, and community and which IDEAS Earth Guardian, Young Greens and others have returned the location of the event on foot or via public transportation. This meeting was attended by several officials of Young Volunteers for the Environment, IDEAS, Earth Guardian Globalbility, academics and other clubs. It was an evening of exchange, rich in cultural diversity, debates talks, the skit on the environment, the use of local languages ​​in the delivery of musicians, slam poets and storytellers who richly furnished the game. At 2030 GMT, the curtain falls therefore on electric lights to give seats to candles. It was under the light of candles that youth leaders reflected on the problems of the Earth: the climate change global warming, coastal erosion, and also solutions to solve the current problems of the Earth, of the immediate environment , energy. Participants are also aware that the current challenges present within them opportunities for youth and also the world of the factors so inclusive growth jobs for countries especially developing. rsz_sam_3012Under light their candles They found the importance of new skills and technologies for solid waste management and wastewater, drinking water and swimming pool, for the jobs of the near future for the implementation of environmental management systems in companies and future Commons of Togo. The focus was on agriculture, agro ecology. Beyond the problems of the planet, candle light also illuminated on the “concept of green shades” namely: environmental efficiency, green products and services, and decent work.

In light after 9:30 p.m., the audience was delighted to its gains during this little time spent on Earth, a brainstorming session that will certainly lead to new projects and shoed office networking. The assistance was separated after the tasting of organic food, and Togo specially made for the occasion. The night did not just pleasant but fruitful for all participants think and even create a reflection platform for future action!

– Mensa Tsedze
IDEAS For Togo