IDEAS For Us | November 24, 2014

Do It In The Dark

DITTD_acoustic_musicWhat to do when the semester begins to close and the season is getting colder? Kick off a party! Why not make things a little cozy with a fire outside? Why not get a bunch of candles and turn off the lights? Hmmm… how about turning the electricity completely off and while we’re at it, ask musicians to come play acoustic music?

Throw it all together and you have Do It In The Dark; a sustainability party. It gets people to party without the demand of electricity and promotes a close, yet chill environment. It’s pretty fun and many other people like it too. Do It In The Dark was held at a lakeside house, so we made the dock relaxing and upgraded to 3 fires.


If you never have partied like this before, it is worth it. Many people stash away there cell phones because it feels more natural. It’s low cost to set up. Plus, it is a great way to recycle when you bring your own cup!

DITTD_at_the_fire DIITD_Column_Fire DIITD_socializing

Photos taken at Do It In The Dark and courtesy of Will Chorvat Photography