IDEAS For Us | October 27, 2014

Conservation International Release New “Nature is Speaking” Film

Conservation International has released their newest short film in the “Nature is Speaking” series. The series depicts different elements of the natural world as voiced by a major Hollywood activist and shows that “Nature doesn’t need people” but rather “People need nature.” Watch the newest edition below on the coral reef.

“Coral Reef drives home the point that while the world’s reef systems are incredibly valuable to people, we are their greatest threat.

Even if you live far from the ocean, you depend on coral reefs — for food, shoreline protection and medicines — but in some places, 20% of reef systems have been completely destroyed. By 2050, nearly all reefs could be at risk.

That’s why Coral Reef is speaking — and why Conservation International is listening. Our Nature Is Speaking film series delivers a simple but powerful message: Saving nature is really about saving ourselves.

And YOU can help. All it takes is one hashtag on your favorite social media platform. Every time you use #NatureIsSpeaking on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, G+, Vine, LinkedIn or YouTube, HP will donate $1 to CI — up to $1 million.

So with just one public social media post (or several), you can help fund our important conservation work. Share an inspiring quote, a photo of your favorite spot to enjoy nature or your thoughts about what nature means to you — just remember to include #NatureIsSpeaking.

Ready to make a difference? Help raise $1 million right now by posting #NatureIsSpeaking on social media.

It’s time to show the world you’re listening.”

-Conservation International

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