IDEAS For Us | January 16, 2014

Community Workshop for Clean Water (IDEAS for Togo)

As many local communities throughout Togo face severe water quality issues, IDEAS For Togo in partnership with Young Greens Togo, South Plan, and Oceanium Togo, hosted a community workshop to discuss the water challenges faced in  the localities of Amakpapé, Ganavé and Hahomégbé.

Our IDEAS For Togo President Mensa Kwami Tsedze tells us:

“The findings are alarming: drinking water has disappeared from this area of Togo! Since last year, local people are fighting with animals for sharing the “horrible” water of an old dam in ruins (destroyed by the floods of 2010). It’s really a sad situation, and alarming the population, launching cries for help, but no one to help. As we all know ”no water, no life”. Given the magnitude of the situation and the necessity to make life possible in this town, call to all good will from Togo and wherever from the world to act positively for this community.”

We will be helping IDEAS For Togo to develop a strategic plan to address this critical water issues. Thank you to Mensa Tsedze, Esso Pedessi, and Enyonam Kérya of IDEAS For Togo for putting together this very important event.