IDEAS For Us | September 4, 2011

Carbon Nation

Carbon Nation is no longer just an expression that describes the United States, it’s also a fascinating movie that’s been screening from coast to coast.  The result of Director/Producer, Peter Byck and his team is an exposé of our nation’s addiction to carbon and the inventive entrepreneurs who are changing the nature of energy production and sustainable practices.  (Watch trailer below!)

As Colonel Dan Nolan from the U.S. Army stated:

“All of us are painfully aware of the fact that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was about oil, no weapons of mass destruction, no connection to 9/11, no active nuclear program.  We’re equally aware that over 100,000 innocent Iraqi citizens died in the process, as did more than 4,400 brave U.S. soldiers.  The total bill for this irresponsible failure of foreign policy will exceed $1 trillion – all for one reason – access to Middle East oil.”

IDEAS for Us