IDEAS For Us | December 5, 2012

Binghamton Chapter Attracts Attention to the Movement


BU Leader gets lecture about upcoming events at the IDEAS general meeting

BINGHAMTON, NY – This semester, IDEAS for Binghamton is running three initiatives which will engage, empower, and educate youth in the Northeast. By raising awareness for these initiatives and creating a high demand for environmental change on the University, the chapter was able to attract the University’s newspaper, the Binghamton Pipe Dream, to write articles about all of them throughout the semester. This is a milestone for the sustainability movement at the university, and a sign that the movement is gaining ground.

The first article was written about CYCLE, which aims to create a semi-closed loop food system on campus. The second article was written about the Take Back the Tap campaign, aimed to end the sale of bottled water at the University. The last article was written about the BU Bike Advocacy program, which will create a bike sharing program on campus and a safe biking path through the surrounding community.


To read the articles, check out the links below.

Keep a look out for more updates from the Binghamton team in the coming months!

Jacob Robison
Northern Region Director, IDEAS For Us