IDEAS For Us | August 8, 2014

Art for the People’s Climate March

On Septempber 21st, the most unprecedented climate mobilization in the history of climate mobilizations will take place in New York City. Hundreds, even thousands of environmental leaders have already have pledged their participation in some capacity. Many artists and designers have been using their creative talents to promote the march. Below are a few examples.

“I developed this piece to represent an empowered woman of color in a conversation where we are largely invisible. I believe that most visual imagery about climate change does a poor job of speaking to communities of color, communities who are the most affected by environmental destruction and ecological disruption. This piece shows a fierce female standing up for our mother, Pachamama, and defending her family and her home.” — Favianna Rodriguez.


“My image projected on the side of the United Nations building in NYC. It is an ode to the visualized people power that Illuminator project, the 99% projection/bat signal during Occupy, and the Overpass Light Brigades. The pipelines represent business-as-usual and the influence that the fossil fuel industry asserts on political leaders and climate summits. The statement “Make Fossil Fuels History” represents the call for renewable energy and recognizes the historical potential of the People’s Climate Mobilization.” – Nicolas Lampert


“I’m a fourth generation New Yorker. My life, my political work, and my creative expression all have a profound connection to this city. When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, many places, including the Rockaways peninsula where my mother was born and raised, were devastated. Cities around the world are slowly being swallowed by the sea, with manmade climate change causing rising sea levels and and increasingly severe storms. In due time, our homes and our histories could be lost forever, with many will suffering tremendously in the process. We all deserve a future, and we’re not going to just wait around and hope that someone will grant us one. March on September 21st, and fight for a future on a living planet every single day.” – Sarah Quinter


By César Maxit


If you would like to show off your talent and participate in using art to change history, send in your own design to [email protected]

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