IDEAS For Us | September 27, 2013

A Message from Unifying Theme!

In 2007, when students were asked what one thing they were most passionate about, they overwhelmingly chose the environment. This led to the creation of Unifying Theme with the Office of Undergraduate Studies. This goal of Unifying Theme is to incorporate environmental topics, like the environment and global climate change, into the classroom, regardless of the subject. By doing this, students will be able to find a common theme in all of their classes. Unifying Theme focuses also hosts and participates in various events to help promote how the environment is an interdisciplinary topic. In the fall semester, Unifying Theme hosts a film series, a fall summit, and starts a research project. In the spring semester, Unifying Theme continues their work with another film series, a spring summit, an annual Spring Scholarship with prizes of over $5,000, and continues the research project. If you are interested in becoming involved or learning more information about these events, please visit our website at

Our latest addition is the Environmental Specialization Program, which provides recognition for the environmental interests, dedication, and accomplishments of UCF undergraduate and graduate students by offering a green cord at commencement in addition to a certificate from the University of Central Florida. If you are someone who has a little or a lot of time on your hands and are interested in the environment, this program is for you. Feel free to contact us to receive more information on this wonderful opportunity at [email protected].

Environmental issues are not only found in our backyard, but among the entire world. The issues and the causes for these are different, but the outcome is the same. The environment is the one to pay. Using this as the basis for our research project, Unifying Theme has decided to research the various environmental issues affecting different parts of the world and the correlation of these issues to the environmental issues individuals find most significant to them. The Unifying Project, the name of this research project, will allow individuals from around the world to answers questions like, “What is the most important environmental issue to you?” and “Have you made any strides to help aide this problem? If so, what?” Individuals will record themselves answering these questions as well as telling us a little about the area they are from. They will them send Unifying Theme a link to this video. Unifying Theme will compile all of the video submissions into one larger video highlighting the environmental issues affecting our world and how we, as a whole, are taking action to help combat these issues. If you are interested in participating or have any questions regarding this project, please visit our project website and become involved in a worldwide movement.