IDEAS For Us | November 29, 2012

250+ Students at Coral Reef High School commit to Sustainability

In preparation for the new years, the Coral Reef High School chapter of IDEAS in Miami, Florida — created a school-wide awareness campaign to encourage students to pledge for sustainability. Students used recycled paper to create a Giant tree, with limbs representing various different topics, such as Green Buildings, Healthy Foods, and Recycling. Over 250 students wrote their name on a individual leaf and pledged to help bring a culture of sustainability to Coral Reef, filling the tree with commitments to action!

Over the next 2 months, students will begin working together in groups to conceptualize ideas, create action plans and work on implementing various projects to Green the school, from establishing Recycling Bins throughout the court-yard, to obtaining an official ENERGY STAR certification!

Follow Coral Reef on their Facebook Page and stay tuned for more updates of the projects as they unfold in 2013!