IDEAS For Us | October 27, 2014

1,000 Trees Jax Starts Planting & Gets Noticed!

In April 2014, IDEAS Leaders – Jenna Jennings & Viktor El-Saieh took their concept for reforesting local ecosystems to the One Spark crowd funding festival. Since raising just over $550.00 at One Spark, 1,000 Trees Jax has managed to get their planting efforts underway and get noticed by the community in the process.


On August 19th, 2014, 1,000 Trees Jax hosted the initiatives’ first organized tree planting event at Confederate Park in Jacksonville’s Urban Core. The event was a collaboration between 1,000 Trees Jax, JEA, Jax Parks,and community volunteers. Together, the group planted over 15 native tree species that will soon create a more shaded and enjoyable area for park patrons. Tree species included Bald Cypress, Live Oak, River Birch, Redbud, Cedar and Holly. The Urban Core of Jacksonville’s Downtown is a concrete landscape with little vegetation and shade for protection during Florida’s brutally hot summers. Jax Parks was an important partner in identifying which areas of public land in Downtown Jacksonville could benefit from increased tree canopy. 


In a response to the planting, 1,000 Trees Jax was recently featured in the Florida Times Union as a new and exciting initiative that “hopes to reforest public spaces”.  Since this most recent bit of earned media, 1,000 Trees Jax has received over $500.00 in donations from local supporters (donate now at – make sure to tag your donation as “1,000 Trees Jax”).

The article has increased awareness about the project and the cause itself (more trees)! As the metropolitan and suburban landscapes of Jax continues to develop,  non-profit, private, and public partnerships will be increasingly important in the pursuit of building greener, healthier communities for future generations.The positive response from the local community can only mean that Jax likes trees and it’s citizens want to see more of them planted. Jennings & El-Saieh are developing partnerships that will ensure  that it’s project reacheds it’s goal of planting 1,000 Trees before April 2015 — but they can use all the help they can get. If you would like to volunteer, have an idea for a planting, or just want to say hi, email – [email protected]!
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The next 1,000 Trees Planting will be held on November 8th at Beach and Peach Urban Park in Jacksonville — over 300 native shrubs will planted. The Shrub Dig! will be a rewarding and eventful step toward reaching the goal of this project.
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